Saturday, February 24, 2007

Popping the Virgins Cherry

Ok so big news on the rise of the amazing Virgins as off Thursday I believe....
They will be opening for fellow Atlantic labelmates JET on the US tour in April-ish I think... Start and End dates unknown now, but I'll get back to you with all those details later!!!! YES!!! BE EXCITED!!!



Jet - Cold Hard Bitch.mp3

British Neo-New Soul in JOSS STONE

So I was sent this mp3 of Joss Stone's new single off her third record-"Introducing Joss Stone" coming out March 20, 2007 AND I must admit, its pretty dope. The reason why-other than her amazing voice-Raphael Saadiq, her producer and one of my favorite music creators from Tony! Toni! Toné!, to Lucy Pearl (with Dawn Robinson from En Vogue and Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest) to his solo record "Instant Vintage". Check this out for all his other productions..his discography is pretty amazing.
Stone credits him as her main musical collaborator and producer, spending two months recording in the Bahamas together (not such a bad place to be), and then mixed it at Electric Lady across street from the Greya Papaya on 8th st.

Here's the track listing:
1. Change (Vinnie Jones Intro)
2. Girl They Won't Believe It
3. Headturner
4. Joss Stone - Tell Me Bout It.mp3
5. Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now feat. Common
6. Joss Stone - Put Your Hands On Me (Clean).mp3 [produced by Raphael Saadiq]
7. Music feat. Lauryn Hill
8. Arms Of My Baby
9. Bad Habit
10. Proper Nice
11. Bruised But Not Broken
12. Baby Baby Baby
13. What Were We Thinking
14. Music Outro

I've been seeing this trend to Doo-Wop and Motown which I LOVE being heralded in by British artists (mostly by American producers)...spitting it back at us nearly half a century later, adding to elements of modern funk, hip hop syncopating beats... Notables include The Pipettes, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, and most recently Joss Stone.
This is not to say that Joss Stone wasn't always thought of as the little white British girl with the big soulful pipes.. but up until this album, its been covers of other artists songs translated into her creamy, vanilla type pop aka "Fell In Love With A Boy" "Some Kind of Wonderful" etc with Ms Betty Wright at the helm shaping her vocal arrangements etc... Only difference is now I hear a little more of that NEW NEW old school R&B cropping up in the past 5 months (if that makes any sense to you).

Listen to her new tracks above to give you a feel for what I am talking about.

From Saadiq's solo record: Raphael Saadiq - Faithful.mp3

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Sick with the flu since thursday after the Mooney Suzuki show, be back to writing by the end of the week. sorry guys

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Disco D Tribute Party tomorrow night @ The Delancey

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's only appropriate

I'm pretending as if V-Day doesnt exist... and since its snowing and everything, here's some snow for you:

Snow - Informer.mp3
White Stripes make another album on WB... I wonder how much they paid to get that vanity band on the label
Arcade Fire announce North American tour dates.
Ok people in the village need to stop being sluts and wear condoms!

Monday, February 12, 2007

So, this is great news! The band formerly know as SnoWhite, now called Love Arcade that I worked with is going to be featured tonight on MTV's The Hills!!!! (my own personal gulity pleasure show)

Hailing from Detroit, Christian (lead singer, writer and co-producer) was signed to Atlantic Records last yr. His project soon got downstreamed to the more indie-run East West/ILG/WMG label... Anyway, the record was beautifully mixed by Mark Saunders at Beat 260 Studios in NYC and is a promising debut for LA.

They are also opening the SOLD OUT show with The Academy Is... on Feb 20 @ Irving Plaza in NYC!!!

Here is the track that will be on tonight's episode of the Hills:
Love Arcade - Keep It Coming.mp3

And here's another I like:
Love Arcade - Back It Up.mp3
This Friday Feb 16 @ Studio B

celebrate the launch of their new label Thrown of Blood.
Based in New York, the label initially plans to release special vinyl versions of singles and remixes
from the latest album "Pieces of the People We Love".

The Rapture - The Devil.mp3
Aaron LaCrate Goes on the MTV Discover and Download tour with Lily Allen

Aaron LaCrate from Bodymore, Murderland - BBC Breezeblock 2006.mp3 care of callmemickey
Set : Aaron Lacrate
Aaron Lacrate - 'Intro' (Milkcrate)
Debonair Samir and Aaron Lacrate - 'Gutter Bounce' (Milkcrate)
Lily Allen - 'Smile' (Gutter Mix) (white)
Aaron Lacrate - 'Oogachaka' (Milkcrate)
Aaron Lacrate - 'Don't F**k With Me' (Milkcrate)
Aaron Lacrate - 'Oxy's Anthem' (Milkcrate)
Debonair Samir and Aaron Lacrate - 'Crazy B'more' (Milkcrate)
Aaron Lacrate - 'Bodymore' (Milkcrate)
36 Mafia - 'Poppin' My Collars' (Milkcrate)
Rick Ross - 'Hustlin' (Milkcrate)
Debonair Samir and Aaron Lacrate - 'Universal' (Milkcrate)
Scottie B - 'What's Good' (White)
Debonair Samir - 'Throw It Up' (Milkcrate)
Mike Mumbles - 'Bring Walls Down' (White)
Grif and Booman - 'Pick 'em Up' (White)
DJ Class - 'Stop Snitchin'' (Gutter Music)
MJ - 'Makosa' (White)
2 Live Crew - 'C'Mon Babe' (Lil' Joe)
DJ Technics - 'Postman' (White)
Epitome of Hype - 'Ladies Wi Attitude' (Pure Bhoomie)
DJ EQ - 'Light This Mutha' (White)
Old Beat - 'Untitled' (White)
Hadance - 'Masters At Work' (Cutting)
Aaron Lacrate - 'Anthem Lacrate' (Milkcrate)

Tour dates with Lily Allen
February 12 - Philadelphia, PA
February 16 - Washington, DC
February 18 - Boston, MA

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Pierces are anything BUT boring

Alabama-born-neo-New Yorkers The Pierces (sisters Catherine and Allison) launched their new album by supporting Albert Hammond, Jr., whose solo excursion from The Strokes is getting great reaction in the UK with their sold-out tour.

The Pierces new album “Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge” was produced by Roger Grenawalt (Ben Kweller, Adam Green) and will be released in February/March (I'm not sure of the official release date). The Pierces used their network of friends in New York to assemble a live band for the UK tour. Lending their talents for this short tour were Russell Simins of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Shannon Ferguson of Longwave, Sammy James Jr. of Mooney Suzuki and Ben Bromley of Fischerspooner.

“The Pierces are perfectly in keeping with the Bright Eyes-led folking up of New York...
Disturbingly attractive sisters, Catherine and Allison are genuinely talented.” - NME

These girls are at first glance, just pretty singers, but when you listen to their music you find out how intelligent, bold and witty these girls are...

I just recently had their song "Boring" featured in a runway show for fashion week! Everyone who hears it, loves it and I know you will too... esp with the music video they did for it!

The Pierces - Boring.mp3

The Pierces - Lights On.mp3

Some shows worth checking out

Thur 2/15 Stab the Matador @ Lit Lounge [myspace]
Thur 2/15 White Rabbits @ Luna Lounge [myspace]
Thur 2/15 The Mooney Suzuki @ Rebel [myspace]
Sun 2/18 Stab the Matador @ Knitting Factory
Tues 2/20 Love Arcade, The Academy Is... @ Irving Plaza
Mon 2/26 The Bird and the Bee @ Joe's Pub [myspace]

Thats all for now... more next week
Needless to say, I tend to report on The Virgins a lot and never post mp3s well, I think its kosher to post the on they have available for download on their myspace page? Right? It's only fair... AND it happens to be one of my favorite songs of theirs

The Virgins - Rich Girls.mp3

It's also streaming on Genre Now Radio

I totally agree with Notes from a Different Kitchen's post yesterday

So the mixing of the fashion and music scene always mashes up during fashion week, BV has the recap of this week

Also, in a press release for Amy Winehouse they sent a really in depth thoughtful article from the Washington Post that I thought all you fellow fans would enjoy:


Monday, February 05, 2007

Emily King show tomorrow @ Bitter End

I posted about her last month, if you want to know about her here

These are the details:

Tuesday Feb. 6th 2007
Emily King @
The Bitter End 9:45 show
147 Bleeker st. bet. Thompson &
here are some pictures from Saturday night's show:


Naeem shows up

after the show

for more pictures of that night, go here

Despite how fucking cold it was, there was a huge turn out for Z-Trip and Plastic Little. Studio B is kind of out of the way of public transport in BK, so the fact that there was a line of 40 people outside the venue when I got there is testimony of the devotion the fans have for these boys. It's a great venue (besides its remote location) with tons of dj booths set up everywhere!
Around 12AM PL got on stage and rocked the crowd, with special guest MC Spankrock himself came on for song. It was kind of funny bc I've seen Spankrock perform more times than I can count and I've never seen someone ask him for an autograph, except Saturday night. Someone came over to us (before Spankrock had gone on stage, so the fan had to know what Naeem looks like) and asked him for an autograph. It was kind of bugged out! Anyway, PL held it down in BK.
After their set, I was offered a ride back to the LES, so instead of paying $25 to go alone after Z-Trip, I bounced and missed him. Woops, sorry. but it was cold. and brooklyn. and did i mention it was cold.

Tonight's the Virgins @ Pianos 10PM bundle up and come out.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

BMI Showcase and Team Facelift

Graham (drums), James (bass), Corey (vox, keys), and Luke (guitar)
So on Wednesday night, I headed down to Arlene's Grocery to catch this great band I stumbed on called Stab the Matador. They come from Mount Kisco, NY and are all taking a year off of college to pursuit the band thing. They have another show on Feb 15 @ Lit Lounge. They are this indie, dancey rock outfit with killer hooks and melodies that stay in your head for days. I can only post the two songs below for dowload but go to their myspace page and listen to the newer demos (which are apparently going to be ready in the next few months).

Cory from STM

James from STM
Stab the Matador - High Beam Dance Floor.mp3
Stab the Matador - Low Rider.m4a

So after I gushed over this band, and the BMI drink tickets ran out, I hauled ass over to Stereo for the Team Facelift secret show. IT was awesome, hype men galore, keg in the seated area... It was just like college, sort of.

Tonight is PL and Z Trip in BK... laters

Plus watch SNL tonight, Lily Allenis the musical guest!!!