Friday, March 30, 2007

on my way to BK for Diplo at Studio B, but I'll review the Presets show last night and tonights with pics etc tomorrow. hold your breath.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ed Banger goons @ Hiro This Thursday

This Thursday, I just found out (I don't know how this got past me) that Justice along with DJ Medhi, Sebastian, Busy P...
Cheeky B*stard Presents
Ed Banger Records and Presets Live

The Presets are dope, check em out

The Presets - Are You The One.mp3
The Presets - Down Down Down.mp3

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Backpack Rap tours, Label News and this weeks shows

So, I just recently found out thatRock The Bells festival/tour is firming up its performers and dates for the summer. Hosted by Supernatural, Rahzel, and Dj Hi Tek includes performances by Mos Def, EPMD, Cypress Hill, and Public Enemy. For the full story on go here

Also keep marked in your calendars:
Mar 30 Diplo, bonde do role, and the Mad Decent Crew @ Studio B (SOLD OUT) but ill take some pictures for you
April 5th The Virgins open for Jet @ Webster Hall
May 8th-9th Amy muthafuckin Winehouse @ Highline Ballroom 16th btw 9th and 10th
May 15th Spankrock @ Highline Ballroom
May 18th Talib Kweli @ Highline Ballroom
May 26th Mos Def @ Highline Ballroom

Also, in other news from Stereogum "Alexandra Patsavas, the influential TV and film music supervisor who has helped put Death Cab for Cutie, Snow Patrol and the Fray on the mainstream map, has inked a deal with Atlantic Records to form a new imprint, Chop Shop Records. The label shares the name of Patsavas' 10-year-old California-based firm, Chop Shop Music Supervision"... Read the rest of the post here

I also have pictures posted on my flickr acct (linked on this page) of the Team Facelift show on Friday night. Here are a few, check em out...

before the show, the place is packed

Producer reps the Mets

Monday, March 19, 2007

Upcoming Shows This Week: The Changes, Team Facelift

The Changes (from Chicago) are a great bunch of boys whose music I made the acquaintance of thru my friend Nora. They have a quirky yet soothing music style that draws you into their live show. They are playing tomorrow night 3/20 @ Pianos 10PM and stay for the next band at 11, The Colour-the singer thinks he's Jim Morrison incarnate and its pretty funny to watch.

The Changes - When I Sleep.mp3
The Changes - In The Dark.mp3

Then on Friday 3/23 Team Facelift will be playing (i think) @ Club 205 Chrystie Street @ Stanton at 10:30

I blogged about them last yr, look here for more info
Fat Jew of Team Facelift (and yes that is a real mini horse)
These guys are hilarious, crazy weirdo hip hop music... here's a taste:

Team Facelift - Dippin Chicken.mp3
Team Facelift - No Love.mp3

Thursday, March 15, 2007

sorry, ive been out of touch

but I have a very close friend in the hospital... so i've been at the hospital since Monday

but on a lighter note, Orlando was great: here's the highlight—face-painting and booze

I saw Stab the Matador last night at the Annex, they were amazing... and even though the entire industry and indie music fans are in Austin, the band seemed to draw a sizeable crowd.

Tonight, I'm going to see my best friend Danny's band Jounce at guess where? The Annex, again... whoopie

Then, Monday The Pierces are supporting Jesse Malin @ Bowery Ballroom I believe.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

guess who discovered the Virgins! Stereogum!!!! read the post here

She's a Punk Rocker, Yes She Is

Ok so Santogold performed two songs with the Teddybears at their show at Hiro last Thursday. She sang on "Punkrocker" and "Yours To Keep"- my two favorite songs off the album. Here are some pictures:

Santogold looking good

a teddybear

more Santi

some people who are not Mad Cobra singing "Cobrastyle"

My favorite song out there now:
Santogold - Creator (Produced by Switch and Freq Nasty).mp3

And one of the songs Santi covered:
Teddybears - 07 Punkrocker (Featuring Iggy Pop).m4a

I'm going to miss Airspace!!! aaarrghhh

Airspace is a band a friend stumbled upon on myspace and told me to check out. I totally trust this person's music taste, so I listened to the music and was pretty impressed. Adding to my surprise, I saw that they were going to be playing in NYC the next week (this week). Sadly, I'll be out of town til Sunday and am missing a lot of great shows, including this band! I don't know the particulars but I know that some of the band is British and some are American which explains how thoughtful the music is. Anyway, I will get to the bottom of "their story" once I get back and have time to email/harass them. If any of my friends are interested in going to the show to review it for me and take pictures, let me know and I'll hook you up!

Airspace is playing 2 NYC dates:
3/7/07 Lion's Den @ 8:30
3/8/07 Pianos @ 8

Here are some great songs they sent me

Airspace - 06 Misspelled.mp3
Airspace - 05 Angel Unleashed.mp3
Airspace - 03 Candle.mp3

I don't esp agree with everything in this cause I'm a different person, but here's what Performer Magazine's Kat Amano had to say:
"With a sound that alternates between daring, grinding indie and shoot-for-the-stars mainstream, Airspace has yet to find label support, despite the help of hit-making engineer John Hampton (The Raconteurs, R.E.M., The Replacements) as co-producer. The album's transatlantic influences are immediately apparent: lead singer Alyn Mearns and guitarist Jimmy Brown grew up in Belfast, Ireland; bassist John Coogan and Alex Watson hail from the Southeastern U.S. The effect on this, their debut EP, is a smooth melding of Brit-rock edge and Southern sensibility, with a serious focus on thinking through the arrangements. This is perhaps the biggest appeal factor for Airspace. The overall sonic atmosphere sounds carefully, even meticulously, planned; dynamics are weighed and executed with excellent judgment, and yet never once does the band seem trapped in its own formulas. They maintain their spontaneity and liveliness, particularly as Mearns' vocals soar and sear through an impressive tonal range. He varies from expressive, balladic crooning to throaty rock 'n' roll sing-shouting as the music builds and pounds, at times sounding almost like The Strokes' Julian Casablancas, but with better lyrics. Mearns takes great care with his melodies and dynamic variations, understanding when to back off and let the other band members shine. On keys and guitar, Brown really drives the music with strong, weighty chords that serve the song without overpowering Coogan's quick-fingered bass lines and Watson's rock-your-face cymbals. The band keeps the quieter moments just as interesting, faltering only slightly on "Candle," which stumbles into emo territory with Mearns' breathy chorus and a "let's-outdo-U2" approach. Thankfully, they redeem themselves quickly with the punk-inspired "Hunky Dory" and then the catchy but rocking "Baby Don't Let Me Down." The key here is variety with unity, which nearly ensures an exciting and interesting live show."

Leaders of The Pack

Coming from the subgenre of hip hop known as hyphy from the Bay area, The Pack (formerly known as the Wolfpack)- skaters turned rappers from Berkeley, CA are bringing this movement a lot of attention as of late. Hyphy is distinguished by gritty, pounding rhythms, and in this sense can be associated with the Bay Area as crunk music is in the South. Contrary to popular belief, the musical aspect of the movement has very few similarities to crunk music, as it is dictated by more uptempo beats.

Longtime Too $hort studio engineer/production collaborator Taj Mahal Tilghman, who is Up All Nite Music's general manager and project coordinator says of The Pack “They're totally unique and they embody the whole essence of the 'hyphy' sound and style with their energetic crazy party personalities and all that shines through in their delivery and their lyrics." "Organized madness" is how Taj sums up The Pack's instantly spellbinding 'hyphy' assault.
The Pack’s self-titled album is highly anticipated featuring the likes of Too $hort, Keak da Sneak, Mr. F.A.B., Jody Breeze of Boyz N Da Hood, and The Team. Complete with hits such as "Vans" (already creating a strong buzz on the Left Coast with stations in California, Portland, and Washington all following the Bay Area's KMEL lead and quickly expanding to Miami and Atlanta), "Ice Cream”, " Dum Diddy Dum " and "Booty Bounce Bopper".
No strangers to controversy, their video for “Vans” was banned by MTV for apparently being a commercial for the shoe. For more on this go here.
"It’s a punk rock shoe so they get real dirty/Sole kinda thick like a big booty chick"
Watch the video:

Discovered by Too Short and now signed to his label Up All Nite/Jive, The Pack (formerly The Wolfpack) is on the fast track to Berkeley, California rappers stars. When they signed to Up All Nite Music they also officially became a part of the Up All Nite crew along with Too $hort and Atlanta's up-and-coming Murda Mob (comprised of freestyle master Booski, female emcee Lil Red, and Young Bay who was formerly known as Baby DC).
Here are some songs:
The Pack - Vans.mp3
The Pack - Dum Didi Dum Dum ft. Mr.FAB & Too Short.mp3

Thursday, March 01, 2007

News and shit

*Ok so I'm obsessed with how weird this girl, Teyana from StarTrak who was on My Super Sweet Sixteen.... Fader wrote this funny blog entry about her here
*Anything about Dick Manitoba is newsworthy to me... I love his bar, and have had many amazing nights getting fucked there and fighting about jewish/catholic raisings
*A touching tribute to the travel mixtape... I totally agree
*Callmemickey has a good post re: a new hip hop artist that played a Fader party earlier this week I think, named Tabi Bonney... for more info, go to catchdubs

This is my new favorite SONG for the WEEK... I love the line "i dont gotta rap i can sell a mill sayin nothin on a track"

MIMS - This Is Why Im Hot (Dirty).mp3


P.S. I'm going here tonight