Tuesday, January 30, 2007

last minute show

Team Facelift just announced a show at Stereo 512 W. 29th St between 10th and 11th. They go on at 11:30PM

Santi's getting hot

Monday, January 29, 2007

ok no time for real long post now but

A. The Virgins are starting the 1st of 3 shows at Pianos tonight at 10 so I got that going for me, which is nice.

B. Plastic Little and Z Trip are performing at Studio B in BK on Saturday... I'm so excited I might piddle (that was for you Jayson) in my pants....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
more on all this shit later, I have a show to go to....

Also, on Thursday I will be posting some amazing mp3s of a new band I LOVE... oh you just wait!

... and I went to the taping of James Lipton Inside the Actors Studio with CHRIS ROCK... I recap that later too... needless to say he was so dope and Lipton was.. just trying to keep up... funny one liners I will try to remember tomorrow

"I'm not saying I did it, but I can understand why"

and if you're stressing out on this fine, brisk Monday, this shit is better than a xanex:

09 Set Adrift On Memory Bliss.mp3

The Underrated Party @ Sin-E

Saturday morning I woke up like it was Christmas day, cause I knew in less than 12 hrs I would be seeing the amazing White Rabbits and Liam and Me grace the stage of the soon to be defunct indie rock venue Sin-E. (sad face)
The White Rabbits were great with just an extremely tight live set. I had seen them play at Pianos during CMJ this year and was impressed but I was stuck in the bottleneck entrance bc it was completely packed, so I could only really hear them and not see them. I can't wait til they master this record and give it to me so I can post some amazing songs on here.

White Rabbits @ Sin-E (my camera was having tech difficulties so this was the only one that is sort of not THAT wack)

Liam and Me went on at around 12:45AM and rocked the house to a PACKED, I mean PACKED crowd

Now, I've seen this band perform in over 5 states, countless times, from small to big venues, and I have to say I have never seen them enjoy playing as much as they did that night. The sound was great (except for when the sound mixer would leave the booth all of a sudden Matt's vocals would go way down) and they debuted two new songs! Everything sounded right but Briks drumming was particularly on point. I never really appreciated how damn talented this guy is. I mean the band told me he is so good that other bands try to steal him away all the time, but I thought it was just his sparkling personality?! Plus he can do all those crazy stick tricks! The crowd was crazy, almost everyone in the front was singing along to every word!

Matt does the best hand movements, I wanna get him a madonna lace hand sock thingie for his birthday

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
There apparently is this tradition that they do in Jersey where Mikey (their merch person and confidant) bangs on the drums with Briks during "Don't Say A Word"

I just love hand claps in any song

More pictures from that night, including the after party can be found here

I heart these people...

MATT (vox/keys/guitar)

LARKIN (guitar/vox)


BRIKS (drums)

Liam and Me - Dont Say a Word.mp3

Friday, January 26, 2007

ok im totally going to go blog crazy over the weekend... im just so excited for Liam and Me tomorrow and the Pianos residency of THE VIRGINS starting this monday at 10pm... but more on that later..

But, here's something funny, forget lil' wayne, what up cannon?!:

and this is funny too, its about two yrs old but its still funny to me:

Phokuss - Remix to Ignition.mp3

Oldie but goodie:

NIghtmares on Wax - 01 70s_80s (RJD2 Remix).mp3

im so add today, better. tomorrow.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My friends, Rachel and Nora are putting on a show with some of my favorite bands this saturday

Set Times are as follows:

8PM - Sure juror
9PM - Seth Kallan
10PM - White Rabbits
11PM - The Go Station
12AM - Liam and Me
message from Rachel:
yep, that's right.
get there early for an open bar featuring our favorite hipster beer.
you'll feel that much cooler drinking the deliciousness.
thanks to PBR for hooking us up. it's gonna go fast so get there when the doors open at 8 and stay til the wee hours of the morning.
afterparty at 87. follow the crowd
So last night Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played at Mercury Lounge. It was a super, secret show at 1am after the last leg of the Cold War Kids New York bi-coastal residency... which my favorite band (if you couldn't tell by now) The Virgins opened.

I gotta say, I wish I had brought my camera because I could have taken some good shots, but hey you can't win em all.
Ok, so back to the CYHSY show: I was great, they played a lot of new ones and a lot of old ones. I'm so prolific sometimes I wanna puke.

Here is my favorite song off of "Some Loud Thunder"

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Yankee Go Home.mp3

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Plastic Little, Girl Talk @ Johnny Brendas in Philly

So I went to see Plastic Little and Girl Talk in Philly on Friday. It was my second time seeing PL and my third time seeing Girl Talk, but my first time seeing both of them in their native Pennsylvania. I've got to say that both shows were amazing and blended seamlessly into each other. We walked into the venue at about 10:45, to what I thought would be a mellow crowd, little did I know that everyone but me got the memo to start pounding beers at like 5pm. This crowd was so drunk that they poured beer all over the place, were falling down staircases soaked in beer (hehe) and/or holding onto the walls for support. It was really a scene I hadn't expected from Philly but BRAVO for being booze bags. I attribute this to Philly's laws where bars must close at 2am bc I've never been around that many drunk horny mofos since freshman year at college (before I knew where the jocks didn't hang out). But despite these drunken fools, I had so much fun at this show. The energy was high for Plastic as they got on stage...

PL was fully on their balls-out shock-rap, with the intricate wordplay of truely original MCs, having improved their live show dramatically in the 5 months since I saw them open for Spankrock at Mercury Lounge.
band photo.jpg
In between songs, Jayson aka Pack of Rats, shouts out "This is for the girl who hates Hot Chip!" and went into a clash of "Over and Over" and some PL track intro... which was fucking hilarious and really amused me, I don't know why.

Their debut album "She's Mature" is full of great tracks (some of which I've posted below) with guest appearances by Spankrock, Amanda Blank, DJ Low Budget, and even Ghostface Killah!!!!

album artwork.gif You can buy it here
Check out their review in Pitchfork here
Anyway, here are som pics from the show, some are mine some I found on Plastic Little's myspace pg:

Here are some of the songs I love off this album:

Plastic Little - Bomb in the Club Hoe (B.I.T.C.H.).mp3
Plastic Little - Hola Plastique.mp3

Here a pic I thought would give you a good idea of what kind of insane dance party the GT set was:

Girl Talk - Thats my DJ.mp3

Also, if you're in the Chicago area this weekend, check out Plastic Little with Kid Sis

January 26th - Kid Sister, Plastic Little in Chicago @ Empty Bottle
January 27th - Kid Sister, Plastic Little @ Grinnell College

Today was not a good day

One of my good friends Disco D aka Dave Shayman died yesterday.

Here are all things Disco related if you wanna know more about this innovative, dynamic producer and human being:


Disco, You will be missed.

50 Cent - Ski Mask Way (produced by Disco D).mp3

Friday, January 19, 2007

going to philly tonight to see Plastic Little, Girl Talk. Be back tomorrow with hopefully some funny stories, pictures etc...
Plastic Little - Crambodia feat Ghostface Killah, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank.mp3

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

With all the recent music taking over pop music led by Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, etc basically every Fueled By Ramen band. I thought I would introduce you to the form it takes in the UK:

DBA bandw.jpg
Drive-By Argument
Forming in early October 2004, Drive-By Argument are a Scottish based quintet fusing guitars, synthesizers, keyboards and both acoustic and electronic drums to form their dance-rock sound. Drive-By Argument is Stoke (lead vox, synth), Ryan (bass, bv), Lewis (drums), Stu (guitar, bv) and Colin (guitar, synth).
After releasing, and quickly selling out a limited edition 1000 run single 'Sex Lines Are Expensive Comedy' on Scottish label One Records, the song was adopted by The New York Rangers as an unofficial anthem playing at the team's home games in Madison Square Garden. Drive-By Argument are preparing to record their debut album with producer Howard Grey (Apollo 440, The Cure, Art Brut).
DBA has opened for P!ATD on certain dates in the UK recently.

Drive-By Argument - Lower Your Pieces (Mastered).mp3 opens with Stokes haunting vocals (reminiscent of Adam Duritz) but evolves into something else entirely by the end of the song.

The obvious single:Drive-By Argument - Sega Method (Radio Edit - Mastered).mp3

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ok, so this chick, Emily King is a dynamo. She's been signed to J Records for a little while now and I first heard of her through my digiwaxx emails in May 2006. Her album "East Side Story" was slated for release in late 2006 but has yet to come out. This girl's smooth, sultry yet tough sound puts her in the same category at musiq soulchild, Bilal, Raphael Saadiq, Ms. Dynamite, Jill Scott etc etc.
She's a born and raised Manhattanite from the L.E.S. and you can get her full story here
It's no wonder why Biggie appears on this song since the guy who discovered Ms. King is none other than Chucky Thompson, of BadBoy Ent.'s famed Hitman studio team-recording B.I.G. and Mary J among others.

EastSideStory.jpgEmily King - Walk In My Shoes (Dirty)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spankrock was on Kimmel on Friday night and guess who did the show with him... yeah, thats right Ms. Santogold herself with the best shades ever... She sings the chorus

Intervention is the BEST show on TV TODAY

Intervention is the one of the best unknown shows on tv. I've been watching it for some time now and is almost as shocking as True Life: I'm From Staten Island. These are the shocking stories of addicts (either drugs, alcohol, eating disorders etc etc) living life in their own personal hell. Here's the schedule for the next few episodes. By the end of each episode, you feel really good about yourself because you feel as though you helped in the intervention. I swear this show might be intense but the payoff at the end is worth it.

Other notable (guilty pleasure) shows to watch:
The Bad Girls Club

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Flossy D and the Spank Rock crew

I’ve loved this DJ duo since I first heard them play backstage at lolla on closing night in August. My friend Cliff told me about them because he used to rep them at Biz 3 (which also reps Spankrock, and most of Vice Records cooler artists). They completely blew me away blending records from New Kids On The Block into Block Party. They also spin their own productions and mashups which are pretty brilliant. Josh’s OLDer sister (Kid Sister ) is also part of this Chicago scene Flossy has started:


Sunday, January 14th, 2007
XXXPlosive (Cosmo & Pase) VS Flosstradamus (Josh & Curt)
With the one and only
Cool Disco MC Spankrock
and a special performance by NYC's own Kudu
@ Studio B - 259 Banker Banker St. - Brooklyn, NY


Kid Sister - Girlie Rock (produced by J2K of Flossy D)

Kid Sister - Let Me Bang (XXXChange Remix).mp3

Flosstradamus - Track 01.mp3

Pase Rock ft Santogold, Spankrock - Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge

an ode to last night

So last night after the Virgins show at Pianos, I went to Happy Ending for Kill Hannah's afterparty thingie, then I got bored so I went to Marquee, then i mentioned to my friend at marquee that i was hungry and....

WE ALL WENT TO CAFETERIA for breakfast/dinner with none other than Mr. Welcome to the Jungle himself, Axl Rose....

random or what!?!

ya'know, I just hang out with Axl, shooting the shit over some mac and cheese and tomato soup. He's in town recording for the next few months. I'll keep you posted, since I know everyone is as weirded out as I was in that situation.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

merch booth...bitch!

I'll be at Pianos tonight doing the very important, integral job of selling merch for The Virgins who I love! So come by and say hello if you're around.

Monday, January 08, 2007

omg omg omg i need these kicks

I was just alerted to this amazing creative development in nike dunk history


I want ALL of this series of sneakers just cause im greedy, but the peewee herman ones are my favorite so far...

Santogold is coming, so watchout!

SANTOGOLD is one of the most eclectic, versatile and talented musician/producer/writers and will be hitting the US in a major way in 2007. Here’s an article on her in the new issue of Fader Mag

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don’t know if I’m allowed to post my new favorite songs from her album bc they’re not on her myspace or mastered yet… but this is:
Santogold - L.E.S. Artists (final mix)

more on her to come!!

Nobody Knows Cuckoo Canoe Is a Sheep In Wolves Clothes

Cuckoo Canoe may not have a fancy (or crappy) publicity photo of their band but that seems to kind of be their style. This band of Brooklynites, in addition to having some really good and catchy songs, have possibly the most random song and album names, that I happen to love!!
I have posted below just a few songs I like off the brand new (first) album “Basketball Freedom Overdrive”- I have to remember to ask them what the deal is with that title as well as their band name… all in good time.

Anywhoooooo, if the bass line doesn’t get you, the offhand, casual vocals bolstering the clever lyrics will! The groove isn’t overcomplicated and shows off the simplicity of their music—which is pure goodness. I love the singers voice (or drawl rather) in “Greatest Boyfriend,” and the swing of the chorus.

(I just realized I should disclaimer this: I try not to sound like a pretentious music snob (who uses big words bc she doesn’t get the music she is listening to) trying to sell everything I post as something super indie, not-meant-to-be-understood-but-generally-liked-by-the hipsters-ness by going on a musical explanation tirade that might (and quite possibly) be full of bullshit. I get it. So therefore when I do this, its ok-cause I know that. And that’s what’s important)

Anyway, I hope these boys from Brooklyn play a show soon… I need to see this band in action!

cuckoo canoe - alaska wolf slay
cuckoo canoe - you sunk my battleship
cuckoo canoe - greatest boyfriend

Friday, January 05, 2007

Upcoming shows I'm Going To

This is what I'm hitting this month hopefully. If you have any shows you want me to see email me. Thanks

1/5 Plastic Little, Man Man @ Bowery Ballroom

1/5 Pierces, Five O'clock Heros, Baby Dayliner @ Mercury Lounge

1/6 Matt and Kim @ Studio B

1/10 Virgins, Cold Ware Kids @ Pianos

1/10 Kill Hannah, Love Arcade @ Bowery Ballroom

1/13 Sweatheart, Best Fwends @ Cake Shop

1/15 Emily King @ Pianos

1/16 Amy Winehouse @ Joe's Pub

1/19 The Gaskets, Tall Hands @ Midway

1/24 The Virgins, Illinois, Cold War Kids 8:30 @ Mercury Lounge

1/24 Clipse, Kidz in the Hall @ Webster Hall

1/27 Liam and Me, White Rabbits @ Sin-E

1/30 Peter Bjorn and John @ Bowery Ballroom

1/31 Paolo Nutini @ Bowery Ballroom

1/31 Albert Hammond Jr @ Hammerstein

2/28 Young Love, Moros Eros @ Bowery Ballroom

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

music industry A-B-C with the velvet rope

The velvet rope, a online forum, used to be filled with scandalous juicy music industry gossip posted by anonymous "industry people" and got people fired for sharing insider information, but now its turned into a boring cold mess. People post about celebrity gossip or the best doors album or something boring and irrelevent. Except for this one thread I particularly liked on the state of all the major labels etc etc. Here it is.

This song sort of reminds me of this post:

Ludacris - Tell It Like It Is (Clean).mp3

p.s. Happy New Year everyone!!!