Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tigercity is Ggggggggreat

(left to right) Joel, Aynsley, Andrew and Bill
Tigercity holds a special place in my heart. These boys formed their band in Northampton, MA while students at Hampshire College (which is 5 minutes from where I went to school on 116). My friend Danny from Hampshire turned me on to them. I checked them out at the Annex over the summer, where they were having technical difficulties which sort of turned me off. However, when I got their new tracks a few months ago, I really enjoyed them!
So here are a few:
Tigercity - Are You Sensation.mp3
Tigercity - Solitary Man.mp3
Tigercity - Dark Water.mp3

If you’re in the Chicago area:
Jan 12 @ Darkroom (with Mannequin Men) in Chitown
Jan 13 @ Schubas (with The Office) in Chitown

For bookings, contact:

My friend Nora played them on her and Rachel’s radio show on Break Thru Radio

The Virgins... the best band name ever

The Virgins live on KEXP @ Gigantic Studios for CMJ 10/30/06

So last year, I was alerted to a Brooklyn based band-The Virgins that I was so excited about. They only had some demos and no shows or anything posted on their myspace. After listening to their music on myspace for 5 months, when I finally got to see them play a full show @ CMJ this year at the Cake Shop, I was floored!
Fronted by Donald their music is refreshing blend of nyc dirty rock, nonchalant sarcastic lyrics and melodies that stay in your head for days... They are on their way to being the best band from NYC in the past few yrs. Here's a video of them at 205, performing "Radio Christiane". . . (let me just say that the sound sucks obv but these are the boys: Donald, Nick, Wade, Erik)

They are playing on Dec 31st, 2006 at 12AM @ 205 Address: 205 Christie St. at Stanton St. (formerly 6s and 8s)

ok on "a break" until January 2nd

be back with some good new music etc etc...
p.s. looking for a new job.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Liam & Me Signs to Indie after bidding wars

My favorite band Liam and Me have signed to Thrive Records. I was actually going to sign them, but shit didn't work out... Anyway, we are SO SO SO very happy and proud of Briks, Matty, Larkin, and McKenzie. Now the whole world can be as obsessed with them as I am.

Liam and Me - Call The Cops

Liam and Me - Pretender

If you're in the NYC area on January 27th come check them out at Sin-E for the Underrated Party!!!!

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Who Needs A Facelift?

On Monday night, after the Spin holiday party, I stumbled over to R@R and walked in on some of my favorite funny whiteboy music

I've known the boys of Team Facelift for a while and I gotta say, I'm laughing/loving the album

I can't get Sexual Perversions out of my head, so here it is

Team Facelift - Sexual Perversions.mp3

Amy Winehouse may be a drunk, BUT I LOVE HER

This Girl is an amazing girl that I have been listening to non-stop since I heard her first single from her sophmore album "Back In Black" on Island Records UK "Rehab". I love the lyrics and the genre of 60s soul, doowop that producer Mark Ronson (Nikka Costa, Lily Allen) tapped into for this record. Apparently, this song was inspired by Amy's drinking problem. Take a look at this:

Her management team told her to go to Rehab or else... so, she sacked her management and wrote this amazing song!!!

Rehab - Amy Winehouse.mp3