Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Them Jeans: Rich Girls v. I'm A Flirt

R. Kells Likes Rich Girls Too!

So Them Jeans from LA often seen spinning with Steve Aoki just did a blend of The Virgins - Rich Girls and R. Kelly - I'm A Flirt. I've had a lot of Djs ask for the accapellas for the Virgins songs but I was told that they weren't being given out til the songs for the record had been cleaned up and perfected. Anyway, this is just the first wave of many remixes/mashups etc for the Virgins music. It's not very good but I'm told it was just a 5 minute improv thing that Palms OUt Sounds posted for shits and giggles.
Here you go, courtesty of Palms Out Sounds:

Them Jeans - Im A Flirt - R Kelly v Rich Girls - The Virgins.mp3

just an fyi

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Liam & Me Tour Announced with Under The Influence of Giants, Young Love, and PlayRadioPlay

Almost finished tracking and mixing their album, Liam and Me are hitting the road this spring!!! Dates below:

Larkin and O'Dowd of Liam and Me, SXSW 06

04/18 - LOS ANGELES, CA Viper Room w/ Whitey, Battle Alaska (21+)
04/28 - DETROIT, MI Shelter w/ Young Love and Under the Influence of Giants and Play Radio Play
04/29 - LANSING, MI Mac's Bar
04/30 - PITTSBURGH, PA Mr. Small's Theatre
05/01 - BUFFALO, NY The Buffalo Icon
05/03 - BOSTON, MA Middle East Upstairs
05/07 - PHILADELPHIA, PA Homecoming Show at North Star Bar
05/08 - BALTIMORE, MD Ottobar
05/09 - VIRGINIA BEACH, VA The Peppermint Beach Club
05/10 - CHARLOTTE, NC The Casbah at Tremont Music Hall
05/11 - ATLANTA, GA The Masquerade Downstairs
05/12 - TALLAHASEE, FL The Beta Bar
05/13 - JACKSONVILLE, FL Jack Rabbits
05/14 - NASHVILLE, TN Rocketown
05/15 - LITTLE ROCK, AR Vino's
05/16 - DALLAS, TX House of Blues Dallas Caimbridge
05/17 - AUSTIN, TX The Parish Room
05/18 - HOUSTON, TX Walters on Washington
05/20 - TEMPE, AZ The Sets
05/21 - LAS VEGAS, NV Art Bar
05/23 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA Bottom of the Hill
05/24 - LOS ANGELES, CA El Rey Theatre
And check out their nerdy blog about LA and recording and tour here with a photoblog here
and here's my favorite halloween pic of them just for shits and giggles:

Spankrock show and exclusive Santogold/SpankRo mp3

Santogold - Shuv It ft Spankrock (Produced by Disco D.mp3
This and other I've previously posted will be on the forthcoming album by Santogold.
Finally there's a flyer for this show:

Found in other music blogs

Lily Allen doesn't give a fuck about touring the US.
Mashups to the max can be found here.
Justin from CrackersUnited writes about Field-check it out.
Mark Ronson's Versions album is beginning to get reviews. I personally love the album. p.s. Santogold is featured on the Jam cover of "Pretty Green"... cop it
Maggie Gyllenhaal sings? who knew...not me.
Unreleased Timbo, JT and Hova song.

Pierces Album Release Party @ The Box, NYC pics

Also, this Saturday 4/21 at the Gramercy Theatre, The Pierces open for Mason Jennings. Tix available here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CYHSY and T.I. billed together @ Duke Univeristy


Ok so I was told by a member of CYHSY that their show at Duke University this past Saturday night was (to my surprise) not a so good an experience.
I asked, shocked "why? what happened? did the equipment fuck up"
He said: "we were there opening for T.I.- do you know him?"
Me: laughing and smiling "so this was one of those college free shows for students spring concert thing and they tried to please indie and hip hop heads"
Him: "we got booed and when we were finishing our set and Alec said that this was our last song, they cheered! It was terrible-worst band experience of my life"

I decided I didn't want to say anything about it but then I went to Idolator and saw this about T.I.'s performance... Check this out, its really funny that Duke thinks they can do this (since this is a regular occurrence):
"T.I. may face legal action after he allegedly botched a Saturday-night concert at Duke University, partially because he had to attend an "unrelated dinner" at P.F. Chang's Lucky Bistro." -Idolator. Full article in Duke newspaper here.

Recap of Virgins and Jet show

Donald after the show:
All my pictures are blurry and my camera broke mid show, but I'm waiting on Aron's Glob to post the one's he took from stage etc... I have some afterparty pictures too if you go my flickr page

It was the Virgins 6th show since starting the tour with Jet... they are getting the hang of the live show slowly but surely... But I gotta say, when they opened, the floor at Webster was packed with fans (not like friends of the band but real fans!). They really got a lot of love from the NY show. They have an EP out that they are selling on the road with them as an FYI if you happen to read this blog and are going to any of the shows.

Just Jack is not just from Will & Grace

This LDN native started djing at 15 and got heavy into the Grime (UK's abrasive brand of hip hop) scene. His first album "The Outer Marker" released in 2002 was given the cold shoulder, barely making a dent in the UK. "Overtones" is Just Jack's sophomore release on Mercury Records, having reached number 2 on the UK charts with the single "Stars In Your Eyes." People have taken notice and he is not playing sold out shows in the UK and being compared to the likes of Mike Skinner aka The Streets. However, Mike Skinner is the farthest from Just Jack. The media sees two white guys rap/talking over grime-ish beats in London with a storyteller quality and assume they are the same. Anyways, my favorite song has to be "Disco Friends". Check em out, I guarantee you'll like em

Just Jack - Stars in Your Eyes.mp3
Just Jack - Disco Friends.mp3
Just Jack - Glory Days.mp3


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tigercity can't commit, so what else is new?!?

In the lax culture of hooking up and non-dating and def non-boy/girlfriends, its getting harder and harder to commit to just one person even if you know they're the one you want (for the time being). Tigercity's new song is all about this. "I'm easy/ It's nothing that you do/ It's everything the other girls do" I love Bill's vocals in this... very "smooth" as they like to call their pop sound.

Tigercity - Other Girls.mp3

for more on this band, go to my previous post here

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Triumphant Virgins return to NY before going on the next oleg of tour with Jet

Tour is going swimmingly I hear and they are stopping at Webster Hall this Thursday April 5. So Come down, tix are not sold out!!!!
Here's an exclusive track:
The Virgins - Radio Christiane.mp3

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Cloud Room is OFFICIAL

They're back and being good people:
J from The Cloud Room says "we are playing our first headlining NYC show in a year and 26 days!!!! Blame the absence on Australia, Muse, The National, fire, time, Poland & chicken pox (poor Dave). Oh, and we’ve also been recording our next EP (Please Don’t Almost Kill Me) & LP. So come check out the new songs next week, our new horn section (the 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Horn Ensemble), bathe in the free booze, and support a great cause. All $$$ goes to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society"
Also playing this benefit are DJ/Producers The Rub
The Rub - Track14.mp3

then stay for the Cheeky Bastard party

Amanda Blank new song with XXXchange

Amanda Blank is a sultry sexy singer as well as a dope mc who can stand up to the boys.
Amanda Blank - Get It Now.mp3
Here's another new track I'm loving
Amanda Blank - DJ Play That Shit.mp3

and its been rumored that M.I.A. wants to take Amanda and Santogold on tour this summer which would be a show I would DEF be at! Will keep you posted on all that shit if it works out

And this song rings a little to close to home but I can dig it, can u dig it
it comes from The Pase Rock
The Pase Rock ft Amanda Blank - Sexy MF DJ Eli rmx.mp3

Ed Banger and Mad Decent: 2 Nights of crazy dance parties

Ok, lets start off with Thursday night @ Hiro where I saw the Presets for the first of two shows in NY (the second in BK on Friday)... They were amazing, here are some pics:
the presets (the best pic I could get without being trampled by people in the crowd)

just look how packed it was
I'm not gonna lie, after the Presets and Busy P, the night got kind of blurry for me, but more party pics here.

Apparently, because there were some tickets to this sold out show still available at the door (which opened at 9pm) there was some beef outside. First of all, I got there at 9:07 or something and people were queing around the block like 3 people thick already. I somehow got myself in (thank you David!) and settled without TOO much of a hassle. Around, 10:30/11ish people were cutting the line and getting into fights where the police came out to stop them. I just am sort of shocked and proud that all these French hipsters could get that macho and aggressive. Vive la France!
More Than Decent...
Ok, lets get into Friday night (the one I remember way more vividly for the music). I got there with my friend Meg at around 11pm definitely recognizing a lot of faces from the night before waiting in line again! We get in and Nic (catchdubs) was djing. There were strobe lights and sweaty dirty dance people writhing around the dance floor in every color fluorescent hoodies and ghetto gold-dope!
After getting settled in, Mad Decent's own Baltimore boy DJ Blaq Starr took the stage. I am embarrassed to say I never heard of him or his music, but when he starting freestyling over Rod Lee's "Dance My Pain Away" I knew he was up my alley.
Hes a dope producer and DJ who is apparently producing some tracks for the new M.I.A. record and has been described as "Something akin to the marriage of The Clipse, Carl Craig, and Peter Gabriel" and "violent, futuristic soul music" by Diplo. If you want to get at this amazing talent, u can grab an EP here.

Here's one of his productions with vocals from Rye Rye:

Next up was bonde do role... I mean everyone knows they are dope, so I don't really need to say more about them. Here are some pics:

bondedorole - soltaofrango.mp3
bondedorole - gasolina.mp3

Then at some point in the wee hours of the morning, Diplo sprang into action, and was satisfying

Diplo vs The Beatles - Shhake It Up.mp3