Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't Sleep on These MP3s #1:

Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Operation (Cousin Cole Remix).mp3
This remix is so on point, I've been listening to this on repeat recently.
Lil Bit ft Jung Joc, Jim Jones - Sex With My Ex.mp3
Ok, I found this song and the title should speak for itself, right? But it's even better when it breaks into the chorus. I think this song speaks to a lot of people (or just me)
Smitty - Died In Your Arms.mp3
Who uses a Cutting Crew sample? Smitty of course... and I'm a little embarrassed to say I dig it?! sdt
Wale - Good Girls (Tactic Remix).mp3
"Good girls never give it up on the first night" This is just some dope new hip hop from a talented MC, so dance. (fyi Wale is pronounced waa-lay)
Beyonce ft Young Buck - Go (Cashville Remix).mp3
Club banger, don't not listen to this cause young Buck is on the track... it's not Beyonce's fault. Produced by D. Prosper from G-Unit affiliation.
Lady Saw - Not Prettiest-clean.mp3
Ok, I personally love Lady Saw but this song is so not her normal music. It's one of those "Beautiful" by Christina, or "Unpretty" by TLC... its pretty amusing from the Dancehall queen.
DancesWithWhiteGirls - Money in the Bank Remix.mp3

Rasheeda - Type Of Gurl (Dirty).mp3

Wiley - Gangsterz.mp3
grime shit

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